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Our Mission

Our Mission: To provide quality food at a discounted price.

At Helping Hand Up, we want to connect with families that are simply trying to stretch their food cost budget.  For most families, food is a very high financial demand.  Our program is designed to reach those families and provide a quality food without sacrificing the quality of the product brought to the dinner table.

Our program works by partnering with local churches to share this service with their community.  We are extending this much needed service to basically anyone that desires great food at lower costs.

Customers place their orders online, by mail, or by phone by a set date.  They will then pick up their food that they ordered and paid for at the location that they choose.  The cut-off date to order will be 7-10 days before the pick-up date.  This allows time for order and delivery to the churches. 

With today’s struggles to make ends meet, Helping Hand Up is providing a much needed niche to bridge the gap that some families may have putting a quality meal on their table for their families.

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